This is the very definition of a campaign in production. I can make no guarantees on when this will be done, nor can I make any guarantees on when we can get started playing. I am still working out what this world will look like, let alone what you will all be doing in it.

If anyone has any ideas rattling around in their heads, feel free to leave a message in the comments section.


This will be a low magic world that you live in. This will not mean that magic doesn’t exist, nor will it mean low rewards the way things tend to work out in low magic worlds. Just don’t expect to be piled under the stuff, either.

The armor and weapon systems are changed from the basic heirarchies to reflect the low magic environment (and to discourage disposable equipment), and the priest class has been created to replace the clerics. On the second part, this is basically because holy men that wear armor and shields are paladins. There is a reason they’re called men of the cloth.

Please make edits where you wish, I only ask that you sign them as well. If you have an idea of something you would like to see, there is a random ideas page in the wiki. Let me know if you are unable to edit things, too.


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